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Organization, Boundaries and Follow up. All important ingredients for a well-executed sales and marketing system.

About this event

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you finding it difficult to balance time to get everything done in your business that needs to get done?

Are you finding yourself jumping from one virtual meeting to another virtual meeting, collecting a lot of new connections, and not following up with any of them?

Do you find it difficult setting boundaries with people who are clearly not your ideal client, and you’re clearly not their ideal client either?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

Join Joe Novara and Wendy Solomon during this brand new workshop that’ll teach you several methods on…

  • How to organize your schedule so you have ample time to accomplish all that needs to get done in your business.
  • Systematizing your follow-up methods.
  • Techniques for setting boundaries with others without being rude.

Joe is very excited to finally collaborate with Wendy. She has owned multiple businesses over the past 30 years, each of which she started from scratch, grew into successful businesses and sold at a profit. It is not by accident that Wendy’s businesses were so successful, and she will share some of the methods she implemented to operate her business, while successfully marketing them as well.

Establishing boundaries can be very difficult, especially when you’re concerned about where your next sale is going to come from. You’re going to learn and discuss some easy to implement techniques that’ll help you to avoid feelings of resentment, keep you from coming off as rude and still develop a positive brand in your market.

Follow-up looks different now during these days of Covid, and Joe is going to share with you methods to use for staying top of mind with prospects and clients while also keeping your sales pipeline full for future days.

This workshop will be fun, engaging and filled with very important information that’ll help move your business to the next level, despite the current circumstances.

As Joe constantly tells people, “If I can do it, pretty much anybody can!”