Get this, read it, and put it into action. Joe Novara gives you the real skinny on Word of Mouth Marketing (the most cost-effective kind there is!) from every angle – networking, referring, and following up. Whether you’re new in business or a veteran business owner who needs more clients or customers. Joe walks you through the why, what and how of networking and referral marketing. This invaluable information will get you started and keep you going through the learning curve of networking for more business and referrals… even if you are an introvert.

-Adele Michal

What I particularly liked about this book is that it gives you actionable tips and mindset re-frames according to different aspects of a person’s life, career, business, entertainment, health, etc. which I think other similar books fail to do. I agree that goals need to be attainable, as the author states, and that forming healthy habits is the best way to change one’s life. It’s a quick read and it includes some work sheets to help you get started with setting goals by spelling out the actions that would ensure the completion of each goal.

-Monica P. Castaneda

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