Grow Your Comfort Zone Without Bursting the Bubble

Joe Novara is a speaker and author of the Amazon best-selling book “Intentional Networking”.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a larger comfort zone? Instead of doing the same things, the same way, every day, what if you could make extraordinary changes in your life without feeling overwhelmed?

With a passion for personal growth and a desire for helping others, Joe Novara leads a fun, interactive session that will help you Grow Your Comfort Zone and stop stepping out of your comfort zone. When you grow your comfort zone, you grow as a person and live a bigger more authentic life.


Joe Novara strongly believes in the power of Business Networking and Referral Partnerships. Joe has been a sales professional for over 20 years selling both Printing and Real Estate very successfully. He attributes most of the credit for his success to the power of Networking and Referral Partnerships. In his talks, Joe shares how he overcame his fears of attending large networking events and the procedures he developed for getting the most out of every networking event. The relationships Joe has developed through networking have always been a great source of referrals and new business.