Four Step Process for a Steady Referral Based Business

01. Overcoming the overwhelm when Networking.
02. Setting Goals for developing a referral business.
03. Developing strategic/referral partnerships for future successes.
04. Developing a Follow up system to increase business.

01. Feeling comfortable when networking. During this segment of the talk, I will offer tips and techniques learned over the years to help introverts and others that find themselves uncomfortable at large networking events. As a shy, introverted individual, I have had great success because of these techniques. This segment also includes a short question and answer period focusing on the discomfort people experience when networking.

02. Setting Goals for Networking. So many people walk into a networking event without a plan in mind. They end up speaking to the same people they speak to at every business event, which in turn means they get the same thing they have always gotten. We will discuss how to find the best places to network for business growth and who to develop business relationships with.

03. Developing Strategic/Referral Partnerships. We often meet people that could be potential referral partners or referral sources to help with the growth of our business. We will discuss a proven process for developing and nurturing these relationships for success.

04. Follow up after meeting new business prospects. During this portion of the presentation, we will discuss the simple to use follow up system I have developed for success over the past twenty years. Audience members will learn what to do with all those business cards that build up over time and how to track each step when following up.

Through stories and humor, we’ll discuss times of failures, blunders and most importantly, successes that everyone can employ at their next networking event. This presentation is great for even the most skilled networker as we can all use a little sharpening of the saw from time to time.


Joe Novara strongly believes in the power of Business Networking and Referral Partnerships. Joe has been a sales professional for over 20 years selling both Printing and Real Estate very successfully. He attributes most of the credit for his success to the power of Networking and Referral Partnerships. In his talks, Joe shares how he overcame his fears of attending large networking events and the procedures he developed for getting the most out of every networking event. The relationships Joe has developed through networking have always been a great source of referrals and new business.