I love helping people. We all need a little help from time to time. The important thing is that we learn to not be afraid to ask for help. The tough, mysterious, “do it on my own” cowboy persona has been drilled into so many people, that instead of asking for help, people go on in life not doing the things they really want to. They don’t experience life. They sit in the corner of life watching everybody else experience it, while wishing they could just get off the chair and out of the corner.

I know this to be true, because this was me. For the first 30 plus years of my life I was a spectator. The only way you could get me to come out of my self imposed prison was with a bunch of drinks. Eventually, I decided that wasn’t going to work for me anymore. I was going to have to break out of this shell, especially if I was going to have a successful sales career.

After working on my shy, introverted personality, I was able to begin to live life like I always wanted to.

Taking the Work Out of Networking


Joe Novara strongly believes in the power of Business Networking and Referral Partnerships. Joe has been a sales professional for over 20 years selling both Printing and Real Estate very successfully. He attributes most of the credit for his success to the power of Networking and Referral Partnerships. In his talks, Joe shares how he overcame his fears of attending large networking events and the procedures he developed for getting the most out of every networking event. The relationships Joe has developed through networking have always been a great source of referrals and new business.